DIY how to make cool cardboard toys for kids - mailbox, guitar, boat, oven, puppet theater, castle, playhouse,etc

DIY how to make cool cardboard toys for kids - mailbox, guitar, boat, oven, puppet theater

Big box town! Draw and play in your very own world.

What To Do With a Big Box? - Make a Town

Another pinner: Big box town! I remember doing this as a kid. Except, I used to draw ovens, ironing boards and tv sets. I Used to sit in them, out in the yard for hours.

Construction site alphabet rocks activity

Alphabet Rocks Construction Site Activity

Construction site alphabet rocks activity from the Imagination Tree. I'll be adding this to our letter learning activities for homeschooling and adding it to my teacher resource file.


make a toy car garage from cereal boxes and toilet paper rolls. Gonzalez-Ortiz so Joshua can park his cars

Dreft en maizena mengen totdat je een kneedbaar goedje krijgt, ruikt nog heerlijk ook (via @Juf_1_2_c)

Maak je eigen soort van kneed gum om Dreft en maizena mengen :p

Een bus scheerschuim en twee kopjes bloem en je krijgt deze sensatie!

'Fluffy Stuff boxes cornstarch and 1 can shaving cream, color if desired) -- moldable'.FYI make sure no children are allergic to shaving cream first.

Knikkerbaan van lego

Idea for Mythical Maze challenge. A DIY Lego Marble Run that is fun for the kids to make, educational as well as encouraging as they are able to play with a toy that they made themselves!

Building the endless tower of toiletpaper rolls!

Torres con rollos de papel higiénico - It isn't in English, but you can see it all in the pictures.

Knikkerbaan vam Lego- Marble run legos

Marble run legos! Engineering, math, cause and effect, science. Heck, have them write a story and read an age appropriate book about the history of architecture and you've got an entire day of school in one fun and exciting activity

Fun with Pipe Cleaners

Fun with Pipe Cleaners - Fine Motor Skills