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an outdoor pond with water lilies in it
Container Water Gardens - Container water gardens and features plus small space landscaping
Inspiring #LandscapeIdea featuring a #WaterWall and low-profile catch basin. #WaterFeature #ContainerWaterGardens
two faucets that are connected to the side of a building with water running from them
10 x water in je tuin - Inspiraties - ShowHome.nl
Grote tuin, kleine tuin, balkon, een waterpartij kan altijd! Grote mensen, kleine kinderen, we vinden het allemaal heerlijk om water in de buurt te hebben als het warm is.
an outdoor fountain with three water jets running from it's sides to the ground
Platoflex Archieven - Lek Tuinmaterialen
Platoflex® Muur Grijs | Diverse lengtes | Lek Tuinmaterialen
a water fountain is shown in front of a wooden wall and green plants on the side
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I don't think I tortured myself enough with the last post, so here are a few more outdoor spaces b...
a sculpture in the shape of a circle on a wall next to a small pond
#MazzTuinmeubelen-- #Inspiratie #Outdoor #Tuin #Vijver #Vijvertuin #Garden #Fishing #Pond #Tuin #Home
a water fountain in the middle of a garden with hedges and trees around it,
Waterloop, sfeervol'n